We provide all cleaning services, general and deep cleaning available for all size homes or office spaces. (price will vary depending on size of space, call for prices)

1. General Cleaning Service

Kitchen: Clean counter tops, stove surface, outside of appliances. Light dishes (will stack dishwasher, an excessive amount of dishes will be considered a part of deep cleaning service.)
Dining Room: Will clean/straighten place mats. Will dust/wipe all fixtures.
Bathroom: Shower / tub, toilet, sink vanities and mirrors
Bedrooms: Make up beds (will change linen upon request), dust dressers, and straighten up used areas.
Living Room: dust/polish all visible areas, straighten sofa and seating area. Dust all cobwebs and hallways.
Will straighten book shelves.
Floors: All surface areas and area rugs will be swept, mopped/vacuumed (area rugs can be changed upon request)
*will dust all ceiling fans and light fixtures    

2. Deep Cleaning Service

Kitchen: Will do more than +10 dishes (will stack dishwasher), clean oven, inside/outside refrigerator, inside microwave, front cabinet wipe, countertops and stove.
Dining Room:Clean/Straighten place mats and table fixtures. Deep dusting. Front cabinet wipe on any buffets or cabinets.
Bathroom: Clean all tiles, any windows, can wash/change shower curtain (upon request), front cabinet wipe, mirrors, sink and vanities.  Will remove / replace rugs (upon request).
Bedroom: Deep dusting (will move larger objects) , will dust/wipe blinds and baseboards, make up beds/change linen (upon request). Will clean any seating areas in the master.
Living Room: will vacuum/brush sofa and pillows, deep dusting and polishing of furniture, high ceiling cobwebs and baseboards, dust blinds and will remove/change window treatments (upon request). Bookshelves.
Floors: All surface areas and area rugs will be swept, mopped/vacuumed (area rugs can be changed upon request)
*All visible baseboards and wall fixtures will be dusted/wiped.

Additional Packages:

Basement: will be additional charges depending on the inclusion of bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchenettes. If you need your basement cleared for renovation or for more space we'll help you get rid of the clutter.
Garage:  charges will be dependent on size of space/objects. Let us help you clear the space!
Laundry: will change loads (from washer/dryer , dryer/washer) , fold dried loads, and load washer upon request. We ask that you leave laundry instructions in order to ensure satisfaction!
*please note additional packages can be preformed separately or in addition to a main service.


We will even pick up your curbside service! Have a list of things you need picked up from the store, it can be clothes, shoes or food we'll pick it up for you. With my husband being a certified vegan and health administrator over the past 10 years we can even help you get on your path to success with meal planning and health. I myself, have a degree in Fashion Merchandising and can always be of assistance on the racks! Dry Cleaning and laundry services available. You just name your errand!


Our pet lovers will walk, feed and do vet appointments. Can clean cages and pet areas upon request!


Will cut grass, weed edges and around fences. If you have plants or vegetation we will water them upon request!


Will remove light junk , trash or debris from your home, yard or office space!

No job is too small, over 26 years experience!!

  • Roofing
  • Bath
  • Kitchen
  • Plumbing


  • Painting
  • Electrical
  • Floors