A few boxes or big garbage bags to start. You’ll go through it several times and each time, you’ll eliminate a new layer of clutter, until nothing’s left except things you want to keep. You'll be most suspicious of anything that still has tags or was a gift or anything that doesn’t fit you or that you associate with pregnancy. You’ll eliminate a layer!! The giveaway pile was already large, now you look for duplicates!

If you have 4 pairs of black pants, are you really ever going to wear your least favorite pair? Nope. Goodbye to some khakis, shirts and turtleneck sweaters. No, keep it! Absolutely keep some clothes for sentimental value just store them somewhere else. They don’t need to be in your main clothes closet. you start a box for keepsake clothes and slid it onto a high, unused shelf.

Now your warmed up. you’ll go through the whole closet again and you’ll see, there’s more you’ll want to take out. Slowly the back of the closet will become visible. By the time you’re done the closet will look like something from a magazine. You’ll achieve the ultimate luxury: an empty shelf. Exciting and conquering your progress will feel.

Work with the space your closet provides than trying to force clothes to fit. Once you buy new clothes, get ready to let go of clothes you no longer will wear, in order to maintain access to your new clothes.


Save space and time with a door mount organizer for jewelry, scarves, hat, clutches and more. With outfit-makers within reach, you won't have to do laps across the room to get dressed. Mesh Pocket Organinzer

pants, sweaters, handbags-stacks of anything have a tendency to fall over. The fix? Easy to install dividers which slip onto the existing shelf. keep everything in place without the need for closed bins. Lynk Shelf Dividers

Joy Managano Huggable Hangers are worth the update! Thin, velvety styles grip clothes, but don't take up as much room as wood or plastic.

Lift your footwear collection off the floor by using a utility cart in place of a rack. Pull it out into the light, and you can instantly review all your options. Oceanstar 3-Tier Rolling Cart


Over the years, there have been many different closet organizer systems. These have evolved into everyday systems that keep our home life in order. We can hang our shoes, stack our hats, and fold our clothes without worry. a lightweight and affordable storage space that offers great flexibility when it comes to organizing your clothes and personal effects at home. You can use these as closets in small homes and apartments that lack the space you need.

Use a heavy duty storage wardrobe as storage for your off-season clothes. This will save you room trying to pack your clothes away every time the seasons change. If you want two closets in one room, a portable wardrobe closet can be a perfect solution. This is a great option if you want a his and hers setting or even for siblings sharing a room. If you are a part of theater, one of these portable closet racks are great for costumes and props as well!

These portable clothes racks are perfect for small spaces where you might not have enough closet space. these devices can help in organizing and setup proper structure for your closet. This means that no matter what decor you are using, you can find a portable closet that fits the theme.

Your Clothes Donation What Happens To Them?

Each year, Americans buy 22 billion items of clothing. Americans buy 500 percent more clothing today than we did in the 1980s. Fast fashion has become so common, it’s not unusual for people to throw away clothes worn only once or twice. In 2013 alone, a staggering 12.8 million tons of textiles were sent to landfills, that’s more than 7 percent of the total U.S. landfill waste. As much as 90 percent of clothing donations to charitable organizations end up with textile recyclers. Most Americans have closets overflowing with clothing, some of which may rarely if ever be worn. Inexpensive clothing, fast fashion has become so common, it's not unusual for people to throw away clothes worn only once or twice. But what actually happens to all of the discarded clothing?

Most of Your Clothes You Get Rid Of End Up In Landfills

Most people will drop clothes off at a donation center , thinking they will get re-sold to someone with limited means who really needs them. In reality, much of the discarded clothing ends up in landfills. In 2013 alone, a staggering 12.8 million tons of textiles were sent to landfills — that's more than 7 percent of the total U.S. landfill waste, costing charitable organizations millions of dollars in various fees and transport expenses, to boot. But the vast majority are sold to textile recyclers and carpet manufacturers. According to a 2006 report by ABC News,  upward of 90 percent of clolthing donations to charitable organization end up with textile recyclers.

Only 10 percent are offered for sale to struggling Americans looking for a bargain. As noted by The Huffington Post:

"Knowing how Goodwill works can help you make smarter decisions when deciding if another jeans purchase is really worth it for you, for the donations staff and for the environment."

It's also worth noting that those used clothing donation bins you may find scattered throughout your neighborhood typically belong to for-profit textile recycling companies that sometimes falsely disguise themselves as charitable organizations.

Your Clothes Donation Once You Drop Them Off What Happens?

According to Huffington Post associate lifestyle editor Suzy Strutner, Them will sort through donations to determine what can be sold and what cannot. If it's in near-perfect condition, it will remain on the sales floor for four weeks. After that, the item gets sent to a "Buy the Pound" liquidation outlet. Most other charitable organizations that deal in used clothing operate  in the same way. Whatever isn't sold in these outlet stores gets sent on to Their auctions, where you bid on entire bins without knowing precisely what you're getting. Whatever still remains at this point is sent to textile recycling organizations such as SMART, a trade association for textile recyclers.

Of the clothing SMART acquires, approximately 5 percent is discarded to landfill, 30 percent gets cut into rags for industrial use, 20 percent is processed for fiber fill that gets used in furniture and insulation, and 45 percent is resold into the American and international second-hand clothing markets.

Other Possibility To Donation Bins

You may also want to reconsider where you haul your discarded clothes off to. If you have good-quality, gently-used clothing, consider donating them to FS Collections or other more personal charity services who tend to get less attention but more of the load!

Duty That Is Assigned

FS COLLECTIONS works to help those in need through their endeavors, whether it be a flooding, earthquake, burnt down home or just general people (children, adult, the elderly and the disable) in need. Our goal to help out is not only local, but it also extends to international boarders. We want to help those who are also close to our home, and places we enjoy visiting on a nice vacation. Through this program and with your support, we can reach and help those who are in need all over the World.

With your donations we can continue to help those in need of this program!

Donate Your Unwanted Clothes To Support Our Cause.